At the end of a street is a driveway that winds upward leading to a parking lot with ten or so spots where I suppose people gather for their lunch breaks, a quick nap, a phone call, a smoke, etc. I stumbled upon this place with a view eight years ago. We were leasing a house in a gated community that my step-father insisted we lease: it was far too big, fancy and it seemed so strange to me that a guard had to let my friends enter when access by gate was simple. read more →

An act of KINDNESS can turn a crappy day.
About 18 years ago, I was a property manager and had a tenant who was going through a rough time. I was dirt poor, but random acts don’t have to be costly. I secretly left little angel items for her to find on or in her car (if the window happened to be open). Items like note cards, inspirational wallet cards, bookmarks or trinkets. I found out later that she was convinced that a guardian angel was leaving them. This is the first time I have ever said anything about it, I didn’t even tell my husband what I was up to. I think I got as much enjoyment out of it as she did. It was fun coming up with what to leave for her and trying to not get caught leaving them.

Random acts bless everyone involved and even those who hear about them because it restores hope in human race. – Terri 🙂

G’day ripplers! Today’s kindness gesture was accompanied by totally awesome feelings. At Maitland Mall we get out of the car and spot a lady helping an older lady out of their car. I went over and gave her a kindness hamper and told her to have an awesome day. On the way home I posted off ten secret letters to ten families that I don’t know and when I got home, inside my letterbox was an awesome card from the lovely Lisa with some more kindness cards. On the weekend I’m heading to Tamworth and I plan on blessing people with kindness cards and a little surprise. I am so blessed to be showing my kids how to show little acts of kindness to strangers. Life is great and I am blessed! – Amanda

MakingMondaysFabulousMy two co-workers and I got together at work and formed a secret group called Making Monday’s fabulous. In the summer we choose a different person each Monday or department and make their Monday fabulous by surprising them with gifts, positive comments, letting them know they make a difference in the work place. We continued to do this all year. We decided to do this because we wanted to bring some fun and kind acts into the work place and really let people know that they do make a difference. It has been a massive success. – Jen 🙂