Our assumption is that anyone shopping in Goodwill just before Christmas is in need. My sister and I went to Goodwill during the Holiday season and purchased gift certificates in $10 denominations. They still hand write them so we had time to share previously purchased gifts with the staff as we waited. Then we randomly handed out the certificates. read more →

I used to take the old ladies next door grocery shopping sometimes, and sometimes I helped carry their food up the front steps, but sometimes I just wasn’t “up to it” with all my own bags. read more →

Was at Aldi in Kilsyth (Victoria) when my card was declined. After trying a few times and still being declined I left my shopping with the checkout lady to go get money out from an ATM. read more →

I was at our local IGA supermarket and had just got in my car, went to start it and saw a mum with a maybe 6 month old on one hip, two bags of groceries in one hand, another bag in the other hand and a toddler struggling to let go of that hand in the car park. Cars and stuff about, obvious danger and mum was trying hard to get the toddler to stay with her. read more →

I was in a HEB (in San Antonio, Texas) the other day and I nearly passed out in the store (I’ve been very ill — I have a chronic illness). The cashier while I was waiting to check out was super, I told her I was about to pass out, she got me a chair and a bottle of water. The manager asked if I needed an EMS I told them I’d be fine, I just needed to sit for a bit. The manager got me a wheelchair with a basket so they could wheel me out to my vehicle and helped put my groceries into my car. read more →

I didn’t have enough at the register one time when my son was a baby. I was only short a few dollars or so. read more →

The most beautiful thing happened today in my presence so I thought I’d tell you all about it.

I had a dear old little lady (would have roughly been in her 80’s) come into the shop looking for a beanie to keep her head warm. We have a few different types and after trying a few on she really liked a pink one which was priced at $15. I told her she looked very pretty in pink and that I liked the look of it on her and she agreed with me once I showed her in the mirror 😛 , but she was unsure as she said she might not be able to afford it. read more →

I shopped in Woolworths last week – rare as it’s usually Coles for me. The young guy at the cash register was clearly in his first hour of his first day there, and all at sea. He didn’t recognise my Brussels’ Sprouts and had trouble finding the change reading on the register. I thanked him and then left with the trolley, but then had another thought – Ripple Kindness! read more →

Kindness gives a feeling of comfort.
I was waiting my turn at the checkout in a shopping centre and I couldn’t help overhearing a young man’s conversation on his phone. He was nicely dressed and had a good look about him but it seemed he was having a hard time with money. He told the person on the phone he had only $20 and would put it in the bank for whoever was on the phone. read more →

A person is a person.
My young boys and I were shopping recently and noticed a scruffy fellow pacing the isles counting coins in his hands and picking up items and putting them back. He was in total despair. read more →

ADULT Kindness CardThank you for creating your Ripple Kindness Cards, I have seen for myself the ripple effect of positivity that they create. 

The most amazing thing just happened to me! Went shopping for some food and groceries for the next few days, used my card to pay and DECLINED. Asked the guy to hold on for a sec while I jumped onto internet banking to see someone had taken a few hundred dollars out of my account today without my knowledge, bummer! read more →

A reason for everything.
About a year and a half ago, I was on a city bus in Portland and an older man was carrying a plastic sack of groceries that broke as he was getting off the bus and cans of food rolled everywhere down the isle and out the door on to the ground. I had just left Trader Joe’s and purchased one of their reusable shopping bags. (I had no idea what I was going to do with it as I already had a few.) After helping the man pick up his groceries that were everywhere I gave him the bag and helped him load it up as his cans and boxes were stacked up on the curb. The feeling of being glad that I had listened to my urge and bought the bag so I could give it to a stranger in need was unsurpassable. – Sherli 🙂