About 20 years ago when I was in college, I was on a bunch of email mailing lists (they were groups where people on the list got emails and sent them to each other). One night around midnight I was checking my email and saw an email on one of those lists from someone (a stranger) who said she was about to kill herself. She was sitting there with a bottle of pills. She had some issues in her life that were really hard, including the death of her best friend. I wrote to her, and gave her my phone number, asking her to call me. About 5 minutes later she did. She lived somewhere in the Midwest, and I was in NJ. We talked a bit, but back then long distance calls were very expensive, so she said she couldn’t afford the call. I was just a poor college student myself, without much money, but I told her I’d call her back so I would get the charges. I didn’t know how I was going to get the money to pay for the call, but I did it anyway. I ended up talking to her for 8 hours. All the way up until 9 am when I had to go to class. She got rid of the pills while we were talking. So she did not commit suicide. read more →

Right Time, Right Place.
The other day I went to a Walmart that I usually don’t go to any more since I moved. As I walked up to the cash register, the lady said the usual hello and how are you. She looked slightly surprised when I answered, “Enjoying life. How are you?” She muttered fine.

As she was ringing things up, she mumbled, “Why did she have to leave her family here where we knew her, to go to another Walmart.” I inquired about the situation. She told me how a fellow worker had undergone treatment for cancer and left that store to go to another one. There she stopped taking chemo and died. She just couldn’t understand why she would have stopped chemo. read more →