3 Ways To Teach Kindness To Reduce Bullying Going Back To School
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3 Ways to Teach Kindness to Reduce Bullying Going Back to School

If you have a problem with anti-social or bullying behavior in your classroom, I urge you to consider making kindness a part of your back-to-school curriculum. When you teach kindness, or more specifically, social-emotional learning (SEL), you’ll improve wellbeing, self-esteem, mental health, social connection, and academic results. These are just a few of the benefits…

5 Free Kindness Posters For Students, Teachers, Kids And Parents
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5 Free Kindness Posters for Students, Teachers, Kids and Parents

Free Kindness Posters to Help You Encourage Positive Character Traits and Celebrate Kindness Day!If you enjoy the feel-good emotions produced when you are kind then perhaps you look forward to the official days that celebrate and encourage acts of kindness. Did you know there are 3 of them?Take a look at our free kindness posters…

14 Fun Kindness Activities For Kids For Random Acts Of Kindness Day
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14 Fun Kindness Activities for Kids for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Do you need kindness activities for kids to nurture friendships and encourage an inclusive classroom community?Beyond feel-good emotions or to stop bullying, kindness is a highly valued character trait we all want to embed in our kids. When teachers nurture positive character traits, they’re equipping their students with an emotional skill set that’s essential for them…

Enemy Pie Book Review & A Friendship Lesson
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Enemy Pie Book Review & A Friendship Lesson

Need a friendship lesson for your grade? This Enemy Pie read aloud is perfect!!!!Title: Enemy PieAuthor: Derek MunsonIllustrator: Tara KingAge group: 4 – 10 yearsTheme: Friendship, Problem-Solving, Bullying, Judgement, Respect Get Enemy Pie read aloud HERE! Enemy Pie is a wonderful picture story book for young children who struggle with friendship issues or feelings of exclusion. It’s…

4 Classroom Management Strategies & Resources For Calm, Happy Students
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4 Classroom Management Strategies & Resources for Calm, Happy Students

Need some classroom management tips? There’s nothing fun about a classroom that’s out of control. It’s stressful and unproductive. Thinking about kids running amok reminds of something my husband often says. “Start how you intend to finish!” For me, that means starting the year with strong classroom management strategies in place & tools to help students who…