My mother was in a rehab/nursing home for about 7 weeks before I brought her home. She died on June 9th.

I recently went back to the rehab centre to thank the nurses and aides for their care. As I was talking to one of the nurses, one of the patients, who they later told me had not talked for about 9 weeks, heard my voice and yelled, where have you been, she scooted her wheelchair towards me and was lifting her little arms up for a hug. I bent down, hugged her and told her my mommy had died. She cried and patted my hand, then went back to her Alzheimers jabbering, but still holding my hand.  read more →

The happiest people are those giving more.
I volunteer at local nursing homes. I have volunteered since I was a teenager as it was expected in our home to volunteer, and watching my mother and grandmother volunteer, it just was something that I enjoyed doing.

My mother volunteered almost until her death at 90, even with Alzheimers, we would go to local nursing homes and she would sit with the residents, sing, hold hands, hug…. whatever she could do. read more →

Jon Bon Jovi's Soul KitchenAt Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen, Friendship is the Daily Special

Founded in 2011 by veteran rocker and serial social entrepreneur Jon Bon Jovi, Soul Kitchen is a community restaurant located in Red Bank, N. J., where there are no reservations or prices on the menus. The concept is similar to the philosophy that fuels Shanaka Fernando’s Lentil As Anything, a chain of restaurants that allows guests to pay what they can afford or wish to contribute.

Soul Kitchen is just one of the projects within Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to ending the cycle of poverty and homelessness for individuals and families in the United States. Soul Kitchen’s goal is to combat hunger and to develop a feeling of community by creating a restaurant where “all are welcome at the table” and where “friendship is the daily special.” read more →