I looked at their grocery basket and could see it had the basics. Just what would get them by until payday. I recognized it after having been that way myself in my younger days. I remember the heartbreak of knowing my kids wanted an occasional treat we could not afford, so I told the clerk at Walmart to put her cart on my card. read more →

A few weeks ago, I was on my lunch break and had to run to Walmart to pick up a few school supplies for my son. As I was walking towards the door I noticed a mom and her son with a sign, which at that point I couldn’t see what it said, but they were clearly down on their luck. What stood out the most was that this little boy looked to be around my son’s age and I felt so sad thinking of how devastated I would be if, God forbid, I was ever in a similar situation. So I continued into the store to get what I came for which wasn’t much. My husband was recently laid off so we’re kinda scrapin’ it together, but we’re making it work. read more →

.When I first left my husband with my two kids 4 & 2, we moved into city housing.

Every Saturday I bought ice-cream from the truck that came round. Apartment kids started hanging around using my kiddie pool, sprinkler and games, so I started buying for them too. Word got around and I soon had 17 kids hanging around. They named my house the “after school clubhouse”. I bought juice snacks, board games and arts and crafts, and of course Saturday ice-cream. read more →

When we give.
Last Christmas eve, my daughter and I were at Walmart buying a Christmas dinner feast for a family we’d heard was in need.

While we were there, we saw a young couple approach a family that looked like they were struggling financially. The couple chatted with the family a little and then gave them a Walmart gift card. read more →

Don't judge my path.
I was in Walmart one day checking out and there was a crazy man causing trouble and threatening people. The store employees chased him out, but when I got outside, he was harassing an elderly woman. read more →

Right Time, Right Place.
The other day I went to a Walmart that I usually don’t go to any more since I moved. As I walked up to the cash register, the lady said the usual hello and how are you. She looked slightly surprised when I answered, “Enjoying life. How are you?” She muttered fine.

As she was ringing things up, she mumbled, “Why did she have to leave her family here where we knew her, to go to another Walmart.” I inquired about the situation. She told me how a fellow worker had undergone treatment for cancer and left that store to go to another one. There she stopped taking chemo and died. She just couldn’t understand why she would have stopped chemo. read more →

One person.
Today at Wal-Mart there was a guy standing in the cold wind with a sign that he is out of work and has kids. I parked and went in, did my shopping then got in my car to leave. I was driving past him on my way out and made the decision to go park again not far from where he was standing. read more →

A big hearty laugh.
I was in Walmart, tired and hurting, and had just checked out and was heading for the door. There was a woman who had also just checked out at a register closer to the door. She looked like I felt! She pulled her cart over and got her keys out of her purse. Our carts were side by side, us two miserable women. read more →