Reasons Why Happiness Is Important: Great Ideas For Happy Students
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Reasons Why Happiness Is Important: Great Ideas for Happy Students

The past few years have been quite a rollercoaster for me, especially dealing with my mum’s illness and her passing. It took a huge toll on my wellbeing and happiness. It’s been tough, to say the least, but it made me consider why happiness is important to me. I’d forgotten just how crucial it is to find and…

56 Fun Brain Breaks For Kids: Better Learning And Behavior
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56 Fun Brain Breaks for Kids: Better Learning and Behavior

Brain breaks for kids are one of the best ways to engage your students and ensure they’re doing their best learning. Honestly, they’re a must in just about any classroom.Students spend almost a third of their day in class. During this time, they’re expected to sit still and pay attention for long periods while reading,…

The I Need Box Is A Behavior Management Hack To Improve Emotional Wellbeing
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The I Need Box is a Behavior Management Hack to Improve Emotional Wellbeing

Has COVID taken a toll on your student’s wellbeing? Show them that you understand and support them by giving them an easy way to share their worries, concerns, and needs.Julia Brown is a middle school teacher in Texas who had a simple but clever idea to help her students communicate their needs or wants in…

3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing &Amp; Behavior
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3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing & Behavior

Daily morning meetings are fabulous for helping kids who are feeling anxious or isolated due to lengthy lockdowns and changes to their routine. As we settle into a new way of life with COVID-19, some students have gone back to school but for those who are still distance learning, virtual morning meetings or classroom circles…

6 Ways To Use Movement For Social And Emotional Development During Covid-19
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6 Ways to Use Movement for Social and Emotional Development During Covid-19

Humans are social beings. We are designed to live amongst communities and socialise with other humans on a daily basis. Social isolation has been protecting our physical health from contracting the Coronavirus. However, having to isolate is having a great impact on our social health, emotional health, and psychological health. For our children, social interaction with…

Character Building & Wellbeing Resources For Back To School Distance Learning
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Character Building & Wellbeing Resources for Back to School Distance Learning

Teaching and learning has undergone some significant changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers are adapting to a new norm in education that looks different between countries and possibly even states depending on the severity of the virus.  For many, distance learning is their reality as they go back to school online,…

How To Develop Positive Character Traits At School And Home
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How to Develop Positive Character Traits at School and Home

How are character traits developed?It’s a given that parents want their kids to grow up with good set of values and positive character traits. Kindness, compassion, perseverance, honesty, and respect are just some of the traits we want to instill in our kids. Charles Starkey, Associate Professor of Philosophy studies emotion theory and moral psychology. He says that…

A Teacher’s Lesson on Gratitude Supports an Ill Student

I’ve used several of your Ripple Kindness suggestions here in my room in the middle school where I work. Recently we’ve had a student diagnosed with bone cancer. This student is a very popular student, very conscientious about their studies, and comes from a fantastic family. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Facebook Messenger Email Share

Tips For Starting A Kindness Club To Improve Wellbeing And Inclusion At School
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Tips for Starting a Kindness Club to Improve Wellbeing and Inclusion at School

Be inspired to start a kindness club to create an inclusive school community!It’s heart-warming to see so many teachers embracing kindness and having such a big focus on character education in their classroom.It’s obvious to me that kindness should be taught in schools because it’s the foundation on which all other values are based. Kindness…

10 Reasons Teaching Kindness At School Is Essential To Reduce Bullying
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10 Reasons Teaching Kindness at School Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

Teaching Kindness can Change the Culture of Your School!Phrases like “random acts of kindness” and “pay it forward” have become popular terms in modern society. There are even special days dedicated to being kind and organizations who specialize in altruism. But why has kindness become so popular? Perhaps it’s best explained by those who have identified…