A couple of days ago when I walked out to take the kids to school, I heard someone screaming and upset. At first, I thought someone was having a fight and then I saw this girl, probably in year 7 or 8, crying and really distraught out the front.

I asked her if she was ok and needed help. She said she got off the bus and got lost trying to walk to school and she didn’t know where she was. I asked her what school she goes to and I would have driven her but then I saw a bus and it pulled up in front of our house and thought she was to hop on.

I told the bus driver she was lost, and he said he would take her to school. I think the bus was going to her school as there were kids with her uniform on there. Then that afternoon the doorbell rang and the girl and her mum were there and gave me a candle to say thanks for helping her which I didn’t expect as I didn’t really do anything lol…

One thing I do kind of regret is not knowing who they were and to let them know how their little gift coincidently helped my family when our power went out.

All the torch batteries we had were flat and we couldn’t keep shining our mobile phone light (battery there was low) as we didn’t know how long the power was going to be off. The candle she gave was a little lifesaver. – Joanne Scheffer

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