This afternoon at Neutral Bay, Sydney, I lost my balance and fell over as I was walking down the street. My husband was ahead of me and so it looked as though I was alone.

In the distance, two young teen boys called out “Are you ok?” and came racing to me, they looked so worried. I got up and tried to brush it off. The thud was kind of loud (hubby likened it to a large leg of ham making a loud thud on the ground… charming 😉). Hubby turned around and came back to help me.

I was trying not to cry and hobbled off. All of a sudden, I heard the boys calling out “Excuse me, hey, you dropped your phone” (it was in a good wallet/folding case with cash, cards, etc. and thankfully didn’t smash) one of them handed me it and then they both asked again “Are you sure you’re ok?” The look of care in their eyes made me teary. I assured them I was ok and thanked them for being such caring and kind people. They just smiled and said “Thanks, as long as you’re ok”. 😇😇

Can I just say, these two boys honestly made my heart sing. If you happen to be either of these boys’ parents – your boys are true gentleman, wonderful reps for youth and I will always remember their genuine care for a complete stranger. – Maxine

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  1. Thank you for sharing. These teens made such an impact on myself that day just by checking in on me, a complete stranger and making sure I was okay.
    I can still feel their genuine care and concern & it will stay with me forever more.
    Having two male teens seemed to make it an even greater moment in that I could share it with them and a reminder that as a parent I am responsible for bringing up two humans who should also be part of this caring, helpful way of being.
    Grateful for those boys and their parents, well done team.

    • These precious moments really have an impact and help us to reflect on the values we’d like to see in our own kids. I’m so glad you got to experience this beautiful display of compassion and thank you for sharing your story. – Lis 🙂


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