As an advocate for emotional learning in the classroom, I want to enthusiastically encourage you to support the “Ripple Kindness Project” curriculum. This outstanding whole school, whole child curriculum teaches students about their emotion and how their positive and negative interactions impact themselves and others. This positive psychology, social emotional learning curriculum provides opportunities for students to experience first-hand the addictive “feel good” emotions that flood the brain when one acts kindly.

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I have found the Ripple Kindness Project’s curriculum extremely valuable in helping students see the positive value of showing kindness. The students have embraced the concept and the kindness has now extended beyond the school gates to the wider community. The program gave teachers the
resources and lesson plans to help build their confidence and skills in embracing kindness as a part of our Wellbeing Program.
– Lyn McIntosh, Assistant Principal – Victoria, Australia

I was not happy with our policy on dealing with bullying; it was based on sanctions that did not modify children’s behaviour. The Ripple Kindness curriculum embodies what I felt our school needed: a positive approach to teaching children how to respond to each other and so prevent bullying or unkind behaviour. It is not an anti-bullying approach but demonstrates to children how they should treat each other. We need to model expected behaviour rather than just punish poor behaviour.
– Geraldine Ciantar, West Row Community Primary, Suffolk, United Kingdom

What appealed to us about Ripple Kindness was first the focus on kindness. We wanted something easy but pervasive so we can use it and infuse it everyday. We also love the idea of taking it outside the school to the families and the community.
– Cindy Brown, Principal, Cleo Gordon Elementary, California, USA

My class have really enjoyed and put a big effort into producing the posters. It was pleasing to hear the kind, considerate discussions of how they could be very fair when producing these posters. A big improvement on their group work from earlier in the year. They all made sure everyone was involved and they really listened to each other’s ideas. – Thelma, Year 3 teacher – Victoria, Australia

I want to express my strong support for the innovative program on values, Ripple Kindness Project by Lisa Currie. It encompasses all the tenets of a committed society and has based a sound delivery of established social teaching. The work, commitment and presentation of this vanguard programme is refreshing and escalates my faith in the community. Lisa’s drive is astounding – her passion clearly focussed and her insights critical. – Raymond, Primary School Principal – Victoria, Australia

Last week I was delighted to attend the launch of the Ripple Kindness Project at Bimbadeen Heights Primary School, which was MCed by the schools wellbeing co-ordinator, and was a happy, lively occasion. Year 12 Luther College students, year 5 and 6 students from Good Shepherd Primary School and a student from Rolling Hills Primary School also attended and joined in by singing “Kindness Changes Everything”. The Ripple Kindness Project is designed to foster the qualities of kindness and giving, and it teaches how these special qualities can positively influence their attitude, feelings and actions. The program can also help resolve one of our most serious threatening social problems we have – bullying and it’s negative effects. I congratulate the director of Ripple Kindness, Lisa Currie on her hard work in developing the program and recommend that every school seriously consider implementing this excellent program. – An address given to the Victorian Parliament by Christine Fyffe MP, Member for Evelyn – Victoria, Australia

Sorry I’m not with you today to celebrate the launch of this wonderful project. Kindness is at the core of our school values and we can be very proud that Bimbadeen Heights is reognized for its’ kindness by this special assembly today. Congratulations and well done Mrs Currie for writing this program. Being kind to others doesn’t always happen easily. It sometimes takes a special effort and sometimes means that we need to go out of our way to make sure that being kind is always at the front of our minds when we meet and are getting along with others. The Ripple Kindness Project can help to change the world as the kind things you do and say spread around the globe. People may forget what you say to them but they will never forget how you made them feel” – A message from Leigh Johansen, Principal of Bimbadeen Heights Primary School to the children during the official launch on 7 September 2011

“YOU are amazing and YOU can help change the world, one act of kindness, one act at a time!” I love this motto from the ‘Ripple Kindness Project’. How empowering! Knowing that each one of us can make such a difference in the lives of others. How many times has someone said or done something so wonderful that it makes you feel loved and special. You can’t help feeling that you want to spread this love and kindness to others you meet that day! This is how the “Ripple Kindness Project” spreads love, kindness and positive energy. Student wellbeing affects most aspects of students’ functioning at school and is an important factor that affects learning and development outcomes. As a parent and school teacher, I believe it is paramount that students are more open to learning and developing positive attitudes when they feel safe, happy and healthy. Health doesn’t just mean physical health but encompasses mental and emotional health. This has been a challenge for everyone involved in the education of young people. The ‘Kindness Ripple Project’ provides one such way of promoting emotional and mental health in schools. Students are encouraged to be proactive in spreading love and kindness to others and experience similar emotions in return. Changing mindsets help towards creating a positive and loving environment. Teacher Notes are provided which are straight forward and easy to use. The cards are beautiful and a joy to receive and give. This program is inspiring for those who are passionate about creating a more caring world. It’s contagious! And the ripple effect has just begun! – Maria, Year 3/4 teacher – Victoria, Australia

What a wonderful concept! A positive way of crossing all barriers – religious, ethnic, economic, social, educational etc. It’s something every human being can do free of charge, no strings attached, no monetery rewards expected just the sheer joy of the heightened self esteem that comes from knowing that you’ve made a worthwhile difference to someone else’s life. As a retired Kinder teacher it was always so satisfying and rewarding to see young faces light up at such simple pleasures as helping a classmate or myself. Encouraging children to give at an early age should make kindness an integral, automatic part of their personae. I look forward to witnessing the success of your Ripple Kindness Project in our local communities thence, hopefully, to a world-wide audience. Start small, dream big as the saying goes! Here’s to your immeasurable success!!! – Michele, Retired Kinder Teacher – Sydney, Australia

I congratulate Lisa on her initiative and commitment in developing the kindness cards. Lisa is a caring mum who has decided to step up and help make a difference to promote a positive message. – Tony Smith MP, Federal Member for Casey – Victoria, Australia

Ripple continues to inspire me to see the good in life, to create positive moments and feelings and to encourage others to do the same. It is a constant reminder when things might not be going so well that perhaps we need to do something for someone else. And finally for me its hope, hope that we can influence the next generation to think more about others, to be kinder and less likely to bully each other, to be considerate, compassionate and well rounded individuals. – Amanda, Queensland, Australia

I can no longer go a day without seeing your posts. It brings so many smiles and warm fuzzies when I read all of these positive things. – Debbie, Just Say No To Bullying, U.S.A. 

Thank you so much for the cards! I have shared them with our students and two small church youth groups. Already hearing wonderful stories about helpful children and that they have asked their parents to go and do three kind things. Love the Ripple Kindness Project. – Beverley

I find myself actively seeking ways to help and be kind to people every morning now and truly this project gave that gift to me. Thank you! – Bryony, Los Osos, U.S.A.

I have discovered so much joy and wonderful ideas since I found Ripple Kindness. I’ve certainly changed not only my outlook on life but the inner joy of blessing people. The work you do Lisa, has made such an impact on my life that the ripple  created only from you to me is enormous and I’m only one person. I truly believe that we are all making small steps in making a brighter future. Thank you for blessing my life. – Amanda, New South Wales, Australia

I have to say that joining this group has changed me, because before joining I think I would have walked away, but now I am more conscious of people’s feelings. I notice people more too. Before when I went into a store, it was just me going into the store. But now I notice the people, I am so much more aware of my surroundings. – Cindy, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Mr and Mrs Ripple page, I am Barbara, I am 88 years old. I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your page. I think about you guys a lot, and the good you are doing. I try and be a better person because of you, and I read and try and do good things for someone everyday. Your page makes me smile, it makes me giggle, it makes me darn happy. So, I just wanted to tell you to keep up your good work, even on the days when you think no one is listening, I am! and I am doing good deeds because of you! Thank you Mr and Mrs Ripple page. – Barbara, Indiana, U.S.A.

Ripple Kindness is so wonderful! I love this project and love reading all the ideas and stories. It makes me feel like a weight had been lifted, thank you! – Donna

I love Ripple Kindness. It is so wonderful, and if everyone could do one kind thing, they have no idea the magnitude. The ripple effect has always been awesome to me… the thought of a pebble causing so many waves.  – Deanna, Lake Stevens, U.S.A.

It’s proof that compassion and kindness is what people want. Ripple Kindness Project is what people need to be reminded of what really matters. – Craig, Western Australia

 Ripple Kindness is living, breathing proof of the “strength in numbers” philosophy. – Doug

I love how one little card can create so much love, kindness and compassion. Whether I am giving a little gift or helping someone out, the smile on their faces makes me feel proud to be a part of this wonderful project. It’s like a happy virus or a Chinese whisper that’s passed on from one person to another, words and concepts changing but always reaching everyone. I love it!! – Rachel, U.S.A.

It just makes me excited to see people, especially kids getting involved in giving, and seeing all the other ways folks make it part of their life is fun. I’m pretty house bound, so when I am able to get out, I love to do things for other. Ripple Kindness always has great ideas and I love reading all the stories. Ripple brightens my day when sometimes there can be a lot of darkness. – Kim, U.S.A.

RKP keeps me grounded. Your posts remind me to stay positive and be grateful ALL THE TIME for I am blessed! – Jm

I absolutely love Ripple Kindness! I love everything it stands for, and you and your page have made my day over and over again. Thank you! – Jamie, Illinois, U.S.A.