Thank you just doesn’t suffice.

The Most Useful Asset.
We raised the money to pay for a family with two young carers to go out for dinner on boxing day.

When I got the privilege to tell the mum, she burst into tears as she was so touched by our kindness.

In the space of a year her family had gone through a lot of downs and not many ups.

The eldest child (8 years) broke his arm at Easter and again before the summer holidays (second time required surgical pinning), a much loved uncle passed away after fighting cancer and her parents had separated.

We spent weeks planning the outing and even got the restaurant involved. I went to pay for the table to be dressed up and they refused, saying it was going to be part of a restaurant wide expectation (it wasn’t their table was the only one spruced up beyond imagination). We dropped of a bag/box of small presents for everyone earlier and then paid for the drinks when they arrived, and left before the presents arrived.

It cost less than £100 for all 5 of them, but it was money well spent. We still have the card saying how the words thank you just don’t suffice. I was the one that should of been thanking her. – Kate 🙂

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