Thank you for your service.

My Story.
In 2008 my daughter and I had to go out of town for a doctor’s appointment. We were up before the birds and on a bus before the sun was up. I had been so worried we would miss the bus I didn’t even bother with coffee that morning. When we entered the building that housed the doctor I was seeing, the most wonderful aroma met us, mmmm coffee. I approached the kiosk and was told in a short snapping impatient tone the coffee wasn’t ready!!

Ok, we then went into the little pharmacy to get some bottled water. While there, I noticed their greeting cards and purchased one and left to get upstairs for my appointment. As we walked past the coffee hut I handed my daughter the card I had purchased and asked her to give it to the lady, “but she was mean to you mommy” “no, she is tired too”. She delivered the card.

When we got on the elevator, my daughter asked what was written on the card. I said “I have come a long way this morning to see a specialist, I am tired and full of worry, when I walked into the building I was met by the wonderful aroma of your coffee. It lifted my spirits instantly. I look forward to enjoying a cup after my appointment. Thank you for your service to us, it means more than you know”. When I came out of the elevator and walked up to order my coffee I was met with an embarrassed smile and a nice cup of Joe. My card was displayed on the counter for all to see.

With well wishes and a hug from her, we were on our way. Being a good person is more than being able to be tolerant of a situation, it’s having the need in yourself to change it around. As we left my daughter said “mommy, I love you”. – Laura

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