Thank you for your service

Express Gratitude.
This morning I went to breakfast with my daughter after she finished her 9 mile run in preparation for a half marathon in the coming months.

As we were leaving, a man was approaching in a manual wheelchair, his wife walking behind him. As I seen him, I opened the door and stood waiting for him. He was still about 15′ away and said I didn’t have to hold the door for him, that his wife would get it. I said it was quit alright and that I didn’t mind. 

What was special about him was his cap. It was a military hat and had several medals and adornments on it.

As he got closer his wife started to push him toward the open door, I thanked him for his service, a great smile came across is and his wife’s faces, but that’s not the end.

There is another door to go through before you get inside and as he was approaching the other door, a young man, maybe early twenties, held the door open and he too thanked the soldier for his service. It was nice to hear him also acknowledge the gentleman.

I hope we made his day because I am so grateful for my freedoms and those who have faught for them.

Never forget our service members and their families! – Gena

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