Thanking our Veterans

We went down to the VA Hospital on Friday to hand out cards, letters, etc., and hang a banner from my daughter Lulu’s school. What an awesome experience! 

The Veterans were so grateful and happy to talk and share stories. I was really happy to see all of the things that had been sent over from schools, groups etc. I learned a lot of interesting things, one being about the POWβ€’MIA table that is always set, and all of the things that are put on the table and why.

My girls were a little intimidated at first, especially seeing men up close and personal with amputated legs, in wheelchairs with different injuries, etc., but quickly were put at ease listening to them share their stories. What a great experience.

On the way home we stopped at Mod Pizza. My daughter Ocean thought she heard that the man a few people ahead of us in line say he was a Vet. They were too shy to ask him on their own, so I walked over with them and asked him if we had heard correctly that he was a Vet. He said yes and we asked if we could shake his hand, and then thanked him and gave him some cards. His eyes were teary and he thanked us, saying we made his day.

We thanked another man at Target, and another at Safeway, handing them cards and letters.

I’m amazed at how many men (and women) had never really been thanked before. It’s heartbreaking.

I’m so thankful for everyone that has served.

**just a side note…it was easier to spot gentlemen that had served because most wore hats representing when they had served. We did meet 2 ladies down at the VA that served as well. Many times the women don’t get thanked either. Everyone appreciates it!!! – Deanna 

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