Thanks to my bus driver.

BusdrivergiftI had a really bad day today, so I thought I would go and cheer myself up.

This is what I gave the bus driver who took me to the shops today. I simply thanked him for doing such a wonderful, often thankless job and for always helping me. It was all in the purple ‘Handle With Joy’ envelope so he couldn’t see it at first but when he opened it, the pure joy and radiance he gave off was beautiful.He had no idea what to say, almost speechless but he did say that no one had ever been so kind to him as I had just been. This guy is my regular bus driver and often looks like he would like to be anywhere else rather than driving the bus, so I thought he would be perfect. The money was for a coffee break that he so desperately says he wants everytime he personally helps me up on the bus, just in general conversation. This man made my day and I’m so glad I could help fill his bucket as he just as successfully filled mine without even knowing it. – Flick ♥

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