The best start to my holiday

My family and I were at the airport and I decided to get a cup of tea while we waited for our flight.

There were a few people ahead of me at the cafeteria. The lady being served was told her order was $8.50. She handed over $50 and the waiter asked her if she had the 50 cents. She started going through her purse and as she pulled out her small change, I offered the waiter the money. He waived me off and continued to wait for the lady. I told him to please take the coin I was holding out, which he eventually did.

The lady ordering protested saying it wasn’t necessary and when I told her it was fine, she beamed brightly and said “Oh my goodness, you’ve just made my day.”

She collected her order and walked past the next lady in line to come over to talk to me. “I just wanted to thank you so much. I lost my job and my Centrelink (benefits) hasn’t been paid for over three weeks, so you have no idea just how much that meant to me. I’m quite overwhelmed that you’d do that!”

I told her I was really happy to be able to help and that I hope things get better soon. I wished her a Happy Easter for the following day and she thanked me again for making her feel as if someone cared.

For me, it was about the best start I could have had to my holiday. It was only 50 cents but who could have known that it was going to make such a difference to someone’s day! – Anon ❀

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