The gift of touch

It Is An Absolute Human Certainty That No One Can Know His Own Beauty Or Perceive A Sense Of His Own Worth Until It Has Been Reflected Back To Him In The Mirror Of Another Loving Caring Human Being

We take homemade meals and “treats”, blankets, pillows, diapers, rash cream, boots, gloves, hand warmers to the homeless in Madison WI. The biggest thing we give them is the gift of TOUCH.

We hug them, stroke their arms and hands just so they get affection even if it’s from a stranger. Last but not least we LISTEN to what’s on their minds. We listen to their story and we tell them that there are people who love them and think about them every day. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I’d like to grow it into something even bigger.

Last time I went I rubbed a lady named Lori’s arm and tears just rolled down her face and she said nothing. I just kept rubbing her arm and telling her I loved her and I gave her a princess pillow and told her she was going to be a princessย that night. Our interaction blew me away. It’s so important. I learned a lot from watching a woman named Lolly Gavin on Instagram. We are all human beings who deserve LOVE… No matter the circumstance. – Heather #kindnessbucketbrigade

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