The Greatest Inspiration

My husband and I took a giant leap of faith January 2014 and moved ourselves and our two boys from our hometown and everyone we knew (in Georgia) clear across the country to Utah.

Within our year stay, (we recently returned home) we developed amazing friendships. Around Christmas time, we were struck with several unexpected bills and ended up needing several hundred dollars worth in repairs done to our vehicle. No one knew our circumstances, but we were struggling like never before. A new friend asked why I was walking myself (expecting at the time) and our two boys back and forth to church and to the grocery store. I explained we needed some repairs done but needed to wait a few more weeks to have enough to cover the costs. With no details and no hesitations, our new friends offered to get our car taken care of with a family friend. We were reluctant but after many conversations of them urging us to accept the help, we couldn’t say no.

These new friends not only loaned us their additional car for the three days it took to repair our vehicle, they also paid the $400 bill and even had additional unnecessary work done (a broken motor for the window and handle). They refused the payment and insisted it was an act of kindness, a gift. To this day, I still cannot get over the amazing kindness these friends expressed and I often recall this act when my family is able to help others. It was the greatest inspiration! – Brook 😀

Have you been the recipient of an act of kindness? We’d love you to tell us what happen, how it made you feel and how it changed your outlook. Please post here

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