The “magic” crystal

Over the years, I have learned so many important things about kindness from my students. I have seen students come together during the most difficult of situations and how much more effective students are when they work together to serve in the community. But I think one of the most beautiful things I have learned about kindness from my students is how to take the everyday things and make them special when a friend is hurting.

I can remember seeing one of my first-grade students share a “magic crystal” with a friend who was crying. The friend was immediately cheered and wasted no time in coming to show me the crystal and tell me of her friend’s gesture of kindness. Upon examination, I discovered that the “magic crystal” was a grain of rock salt that had made its way into the building on the bottom of someone’s snow covered boot. However, that ordinary piece of rock salt became a way to spread cheer in that classroom for days to come as it was passed along to others who needed its “magic” power. I learned never to underestimate the power of the ordinary. – Tracy ❤

How have children touched your heart with simple kindness? Please comment below.

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