The most beautiful thing happened

The most beautiful thing happened today in my presence so I thought I’d tell you all about it.

I had a dear old little lady (would have roughly been in her 80’s) come into the shop looking for a beanie to keep her head warm. We have a few different types and after trying a few on she really liked a pink one which was priced at $15. I told her she looked very pretty in pink and that I liked the look of it on her and she agreed with me once I showed her in the mirror 😛 , but she was unsure as she said she might not be able to afford it.

There were a few other ladies shopping in the store at the same time, but one lady in particular came up to myself and the older lady and said “I’m happy to pay for the beanie”… now these two ladies have never met in there life!!!!! It absolutely melted my heart (and maybe brought a little tear haha)…. So she bought the beanie for the older lady and she was over the moon!!!!

My faith in humanity is immediately restored when I witness beautiful things like this!!! There are definitely some beautiful people out there and it is a privilege to have them shopping at Moskito Blue!!!!! – Rikki

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