The Ripple Effect of Kindness

I was having a busy day, as most of us do, trying to get too much done on my day off.

I arrived at my naturopath appointment on time, but she was running late! There was someone waiting ahead of me. I expressed my anxiety of having another appointment to get to and that I would be late. The sweet woman waiting ahead of me said I could go before her as she was in no hurry. What an angel.

I had my consultation and on the way out asked the receptionist if I could pay for her consult as well as mine as a gesture of my gratitude! I was told on my next visit that that sweet girl had little money and was concerned she couldn’t afford to see the naturopath, but had prioritized it for health reasons. She was surprised and delighted to find her selfless act had been rewarded. I am forever in awe of the ripple effect of kindness. – Joann 😀

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