The small things really do make a difference

When my marriage was ‘over’ and it had been decided that that was indeed the case, my ex husband elected to spiral out of control down a path of drugs and alcohol and proceed to become violent and abusive.

For a period of time I was locked in a struggle of protecting my child, keeping the day to day going and working out how to refinance so I could buy out my partners portion of the house as that was the matter causing my partner to remain in the home.

Finally after one night of threats, I took the step towards getting an intervention order from the police. This order meant my ex husband and his father who was living with us at the time (who had mental health issues) were forced to leave the home, and with it they took many of the possessions I had including a vehicle which I needed to get to my workplace.

The first act of kindness came from a stranger. I had no vehicle and needed to get one ASAP so I went to the car yard and found a vehicle but was in a holding pattern with the bank as they needed 10 business days to process the funds BUT I needed a car to get to and from work. The car yard owner allowed me to take the vehicle, without any down payment…. without any security! He only knew my name and had a photocopy of my license. He said he’s happy to help. Seven days later I drove to his car yard and gave him payment in full and a small gift of appreciation for his amazing kindness, without which I don’t know what I would have done.

The second act of kindness came from my brother, who lived in NSW at the time (and I lived in Melbourne), he knew of my situation and drove all night to bring me things I needed like a microwave, kitchen items, linen and a fridge. He unloaded the items and after a big hug drove back home as he had work the next day.

These acts of kindness allowed me to move past my situation and flourish after the trauma of a terrible marriage breakdown and separation.

Kindness breeds kindness. It opened my eyes as to how small acts of kindness can truly change a persons life, and I pay it forward as I ensure that I act with kindness every day, and will always remember how the small things really do make a difference. – Alexandra 😀

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