There is good in everyone!

Every Saint Has A Past Every Sinner A Future.
There is good in everyone. Sometimes you have to look for it, but eventually it will shine through. Some people have not been taught how to show their goodness, but it is there.

Growing up, one of our neighbors was the scariest man on the block. We kids knew our ball better never go into his yard and we just knew to stay away when playing kick.

One of our buddies had polio and it had caused him to need a big lift in his shoe. He couldn’t run very fast but tried anyway, and it was hard for him to ride his bike too. The shoe he wore was expensive so his dad kept trying to repair it but it was getting too small.

One day, Mr Grouch (as we called him) called us into his yard. He asked Courtney what was wrong with our friend’s foot. Courtney was embarrassed but told him. He looked at the shoe for a while, then told us to get lost, stop bothering him!

About 10 days later, Courtney came running out of his house. She showed us an insert he had given her. It fit both pairs of our friend’s shoes and he was so excited it didn’t make his feet look different… heavy.

My mom told me that night that Mr Grouch had made it. We were all in shock! From then on we all left him little things on his porch and eventually he started calling us by name.

There is good in everybody. Sometimes they just have to know they are needed and sometimes you never know who is going to change your life! – Melissa ❤

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