There’s always a sadness in my heart

A Person Is A Person.
I am often moved to help homeless people I encounter. I’ll tell you about the most recent time.

I drove into the parking lot at a supermarket and saw an older gentleman sitting on a curb. Next to him was a shopping cart which contained everything he owned. It was a cold, drizzly day and I felt moved to do something for him. While I was in the store I stopped by the deli and purchased a nice hot meal for him. I was hoping that he would still be there as I headed to my car. He was.

As I approached him I said, “Excuse me sir, you look like you could use a good meal.” I knelt down next to him and handed him the food. He looked into my eyes with a mixture of disbelief and gratitude. As he began opening the container he said with a smile, “It’s still warm”. We exchanged a few words and parted wishing each other blessings. I am grateful that I can help in small ways but there is always a sadness in my heart that I cannot do more. – Ronni  🙂 

To see how you can support the homeless, visit The I Have a Name Project

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