This morning I got a call from my neighbor. She is 92 years old and is the sweetest person you may ever meet.

When we first moved in, she made us homemade Italian cookies and wanted to make sure that we knew that Malachi is always welcome to play in her yard area since we don’t really have one. She remembers both of my boy’s names despite not really seeing them that much and always asks about them when we see each other.

This lady is 92 and has lived in her house for 90 years… just incredible! A couple of weeks ago I made sure that she had my number because of everything that’s going on. So this morning she called me, not because she needed anything but because she made a cake for our family.

So, I sanitized myself and grabbed shoes I haven’t worn in a year and went over to her house. She showed me around her home, shared a little history, and then gave me the cake. Not only did she make the cake but she made sure to let me know that she didn’t put any nuts in it because she didn’t know if my boys were allergic.

Despite everything that’s going on in the world and the fact that she is at higher risk than most of us, she is choosing to use her time to show kindness to others. I think Ms. Rose can teach us a great lesson that, in the midst of all the fear, we can still choose kindness. – Caitlin

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