I thought about how to return his kindness

For A Beautiful Mind.
Something nice happened to me today.

I stepped out in public with my hideous red inflamed nose and face on the way to the chemist to get more medication. I’m pretty sure I got looked at funny but I just hoped people saw where I was walking towards which was the chemist to put two and two together.

Then this beautiful person greets me and my partner, and says “Hello, Happy New Year” as we walked past. I couldn’t believe it! Out of all people, this kind middle aged Asian man went out his way to greet us and what astounds me more is that he was a janitor just doing his job, yet so humble to share and spread his kindness to others. So I got home and thought about this beautiful man. I thought about returning the kindness back. Tomorrow I will go back to the Shopping Centre and give him a note. In that note I’m going to include a $100 cheque so it can brighten his day just how he brightened mine. – Senorita 🙂

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