Three strangers touched my heart

No Time Is Better Spent Than In Service.
Last Thursday I had twenty minutes to get from Ogilvie Metra station to Union Station to catch an Amtrak train to Michigan, and I was pulling a large, heavy suitcase.

A homeless man overheard me asking the people standing with me at the stoplight whether I was heading in the right direction. While they were all speculating, his voice cut through the silence to confidently sent me the fastest route. I entered the first door I saw at Union Station, out of breath and looking at a long set of stairs to descend. A man who was also catching a train, offered to help me with my suitcase and carried the 40+ lbs case down the stairs and then went on his way. I got to my train with only a few minutes to spare.

When I arrived at my destination, a young man with a very heavy backpack offered to carry my suitcase off the train. All three of these strangers helped me on my journey with acts of kindness that touched my heart. – Brenda 😀

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