A Tip of Kindness.

Countless Blessings.
An act of kindness I did today was that I went back to a restaurant that I visited on 1/31 and left a note and envelope with a large tip in the envelope for my server.

When I was reconciling my bills this weekend, I realized that I completely miscalculated the tip on the lunch bill for my mom and me and I only left the wonderful server a $.05 tip instead of $5.

I felt absolutely awful because she was wonderful, and if she’s anything like me, she’s been obsessing for the last two weeks on what she did wrong to only earn a $.05 tip.

So, as my act of kindness, I drove out of my way, the restaurant is out of town, and I left her a large tip and a note of apology and told her I hope she enjoyed the money on something for herself.

The manager of the restaurant was shocked that I came in and did that! – Liz 🙂

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