‘Tis the season for random kindness.

Guerilla-Christmas-Cards-002-416X234I work at a children’s gallery in a contemporary art museum and we love the Ripple Kindness Project!

We try to encourage children to explore ways that they can use art to make a positive impact on the world around them. Here is an example of our yearly holiday project that we call “Guerilla Christmas Cards”.

‘Tis the Season to make some fabulous holiday cards. Here at Kidspace, we’ve been spreading cheer — to people we don’t even know! The Kidspace tradition of guerrilla Christmas cards continues, and it goes like this: make a festive card, but leave it anonymous. Then open the phone book at random, close your eyes and point to a name. There’s your lucky recipient, who will be delightfully surprised at a totally unexpected card from a mystery sender! Consider sending guerrilla cards at other times of the year, too — there’s no wrong time to make someone smile. – Shannon, Kidspace

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