Touched by their acts of generosity and love

No Better Exercise For The Heart.
I teach newly arrived immigrant teenagers English as a Second Language. Many of these children come to me from countries where their living condition are horrible and life-threatening. Often, one of the parents comes to the US and works, sending home money so that smugglers can be paid to bring other family members here (usually one at a time). These children have risked life and limb to be reunited with their parents and often endure heartbreaking abuse and witness even worse on their journeys here. Yet, every day, I am greeted by their smiling faces as they embark upon this new phase of their life.

Last week, two of my students lost their father. His death was both sudden and totally unexpected. The children witnessed it all. When I told my class what had happened, they immediately handed over their lunch money so that I could use it to help pay for funeral expenses. Last night, every one of my students showed up for the memorial service to support their friends and again, I saw them placing donations in the jars that had been set up for just that.

My kids have so little, yet their hearts are filled with kindness and compassion beyond your imagination. I am deeply touched by their acts of generosity and love. Please pray for the two children who lost their parent as their future just became more uncertain than ever before. – Joan 

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