Toys for kids

We have been raising money since Christmas as my daughter wants to get enough toys for children who are currently living in a refugee centre due to volcanic activities. She believes every child should have toys to play with, but we are still short of our 5 million rupiah target for our “Toys for kids” project as we have been so busy these past weeks to do any fundraising.

On Sunday, at the end of the picnic at Chandra Kusuma School, my eldest noticed that half of the cupcakes (which my other daughter helped make and decorated) that we donated to her ship had not been sold. I said we would take them home but she insisted on going around and selling them. Came back 15-20 minutes later, all sold!

That spurred her on and so she made more and decorated with her sister’s help and the next day I took them to school thinking she would go around selling them to people she knew. But she said she’d like to try selling outside our home. Which she did, complete with a table, sign, a chair for her to sit on and a book to pass the time. After some time, she came back in and said that there was no traffic in front of our house and asked if it was ok to go to her friend’s house who happened to be on the main road and much busier. Told her to go and she came back 45 minutes later having sold a dozen of her cupcakes.

I had my doubt and fear, but she squashed them with her quiet determination and faith. Looks like our fundraising has started again.

Thank you to all unsuspecting and generous people she approached and willingly supported her little venture. Whoever you are, you rock! – May  😛 

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