True Love Does Exist

Lambert-And-May-Mcbride-Wedding-Day-24Th-June-1942My parents were together for 62 years.
2 years was the time of courtship and then 60 years of marriage. They lived to be 84 and 85. They raised 3 children.

All the family got together at their 60 Wedding anniversary. What a great day that was. My Mum passed away 2 days later. My Father passed away from a broken heart two months later. Apparently he had walked up to Mum’s grave and said, ‘See you soon sweetheart’. So us children got to work with Dad. We took him out to picnics, movies, long car drives, and so on, but to no avail. He had made his mind up and he knew us kids were all well and in good places in life.

In this day and age of one night stands, fickle ‘love’, high divorce rates – my parents were living proof that True Love Does Exist! Love you Mum and Dad. – Linda ox ♥

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