Wave and make our day project.

Give Someone A Reason To Smile.
Earlier today my friend Jade and I went for a walk and we got tired so we sat down on the sidewalk. Then we decided to wave at people and make them wonder who we are for the rest of the day!

After we started waving people started waving back at us so I decided that if we are waving why not wave for a purpose, so we stood up and waved at everyone who passed us! Soon we had huge grins on our faces and frozen fingers from being out there so long! It was wonderful because so many people smiled and waved!

Soon we went home and got jackets and gloves and went back out again and we were out there for about 3 1/2 hours!

We even saw some teachers from school and had truckers honk at us!

This is proof that not everyone is rude and people are kind!!!

We call our project the “wave and make our day project!”!

Have a great day! ~ Autumn age 12 🙂

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