Weekly pay it forward challenges

Pay It Forward. Its About Caring And Sharing

One of my side jobs is working with Favor, a Texas delivery company like UberEats. I am immune-compromised, so I haven’t been working, but some of the Runners (drivers) are out there delivering non-stop.

On our Facebook group, one guy posted he picked up a $100+ grocery order. But the customer didn’t want the groceries delivered, they told the driver the order was for him! They just asked that the driver pay it forward in some way. Since then, he has been posting weekly pay-it-forward challenges to the group, including his act of kindness to give us all some ideas! This week he is doing a raffle for a $100 gift card of your choice of local restaurant, including anyone who comments their “pay-it-ahead” act of kindness.

Kinda cool how one person’s action has rippled into 50+ acts of kindness. – Miranda

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