What a great feeling!

TeenagersThese 4 teenagers just received your awsome Ripple Kindness Cards and a smiley tattoo. I went up to them and said “hey guys I hope you have a heat day and pass the card onto someone else!”

As I drove off, they all stood on the table waving to me. Such an incredible experience than was! I was on a high and when I saw a council worker with a stop/go sign, I pulled up next to him and said “excuse me sir, I just want to wish you a happy day” and I gave him a kindness hamper. As I drove off I could see in my rear view mirror him hold his kindness hamper up and give his workmates the thumbs up! Was a classic! Such a great feeling! – Amanda 🙂

Many people would have been really wary about approaching a group of teenagers for fear of them mocking them or just being rude. So glad you took the chance and didn’t make assumptions about them. Great stuff Amanda! ♥

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