What I saw wasn’t very nice…

About a month ago I was waiting for a bus that was taking quite a while. The place where I was waiting is a terminal for many buses and also a train that facilitates the access to the buses.

As I was waiting I saw a car pull up far from the train entrance. What I saw was not at all nice.The driver was dropping off an elderly lady. She could barely walk with a cane let alone with two huge bags & a piece of luggage. So I rushed over to ask if I could help. I’m very happy she said yes. I could tell she was surprised from the expression on her face. She said “May God Bless You for helping this old lady that can’t walk very well.”

As we were walking I asked her where she was going. She said “I need to get up to the platform.” Meaning to the train. She thought I would only escort her to the turnstile and go on my way. She was surprised again when I got on the elevator with her. Again thanking me. Now on the platform she said “you could leave me here.” I said that it was ok. She then said you don’t mind walking me all the way to the other side of the platform? I said that it would be no problem. We got to the other end of the platform and I saw a young lady and asked her if she could help get the elderly woman get on the train. As I was leaving she said may God bless you and happy holidays. She reminded me that the holidays where getting near. It’s always wonderful helping others. My bus arrived soon after. – Johanna

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