A couple of years ago, I was on the trip of a lifetime with a guy whom I thought was going to propose to me during the trip. We travelled to my favourite place, Disneyland, and shared amazing experiences. It soon became apparent though that he had no intention of proposing, and I had blown so much of my savings and expectations on this trip. I felt heartbroken, I had worked it up in my mind, the most romantic proposal in front of the Disney castle. Very idealistic of me, in hindsight.

Anyway, it was our final day in Disneyland, and I realised it wasn’t happening so was moping around the “happiest place on earth” feeling sad and upset at myself for even having let my mind consider that it could have been a possibility. It was summer, and I was dying. The queues…. oh my god the queues…. They were literally 2-3 hours long for the best rides. I was feeling so depressed, hot, exhausted by the sun, and waiting in this line for a ride my partner wanted to go on, when really I just wanted to be in bed under the cover.

This gay couple, around mid 30s, came up to me in the queue and asked if I knew where the bathrooms were. I happened to know, so told them and smiled, and asked them how their day was going and what their favourite ride had been. They explained they were tourists and felt like outsiders because they didn’t know where to go or how to read the park maps. I spent some time explaining the map to them and giving them suggestions. They seemed so appreciative, I was thinking.. I haven’t really done anything expect be nice to these strangers as any decent human would.

They then walked a few metres towards the bathroom, turned to talk to each other, then walked back to me. “We have a fast pass for this 3 hr queue ride (Avatar I think it was, it had just come out) and were popping to the bathroom before going on it. But we want you to have it. Admist all these crowds of people, you have been the nicest human interaction we have had here in the States”. I was kind of taken aback…

“Ohh, that is so sweet, no no I couldn’t, thank you though.” My partner at the time looked at them and said the same thing: “that is so kind, but we really couldn’t.” They then pushed the pass into my open handbag, smiled, and walked away, saying “we insist”.

We used them. The ride was insanely good. We saved 3 hours of standing time in the heat. It really helped me to see this beautiful act of kindness in the midst of my own mindset.

Later that night, we noticed them at a table in one of the park restaurants. They looked so in love, so kind, so happy to be in each others’ presence. When I went to pay the bill, I paid for a couple of desserts to their table and 2 cocktails to be sent to their table (I could see they had eaten their mains), and told the waiter to say it was on the house.

I still think about their kindness and how, when people give, the universe has a way of rewarding them. – llevante (Reddit)

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