I will forever be grateful!

When my younger son was very sick and was diagnosed with CP, my older son was only two and a half. We would go to the hospital at 5am and return home at 11 pm. Tram to Flinders, train to Rosanna and a 3 mile walk. Pouring rain and dark, I finally lost it and sat on the steps of a house, holding my two and a half year old and cried.

A little dog started barking and an elderly lady came out to check. Without asking she took me in, gave me a towel, made us a hot drink and then drove us home. Gave me her number and said don’t walk, call and I’ll give you a lift.

Total stranger! I was so overwhelmed, I cried some more but this time just to know there are kind people.

I will forever be grateful to this lady. More than the drink etc. it was the kindness that touched me!

We face many trials, my son is now 25 but I still meet kind people and I have learned so much over the years, not to ever pass up the opportunity to be kind to others, even the unkind ones! – Gloria

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