Love of the Elderly
Image supplied by Love for the Elderly.


Note on locker at GWMS
Image supplied by Andrew Mead, George Waters Middle School.


Notes for soldiers

Image supplied by Barbara Gruener, Westwood Bales Elementary.


Coffee Cups and Crayons

Image supplied by Coffee Cups and Crayons.



Knitting club

Image supplied by Barbara Gruener, Westwood Bales Elementary School.


Postal worker

Image supplied by Bryony via Ripple Kindness Project.


Teach Beside Me

Image supplied by Teach Beside Me.


Malmsbury PS

Image supplied by Malmsbury Primary School.


Shovelling snow

Image supplied by Sherry via Ripple Kindness Project.



Image supplied by Deanna via Ripple Kindness Project.


Note in letterbox

Image supplied by Ripple Kindness Project.

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