No regrets. It’s a flippant and casual statement so easily bandied around by the youth, by those with time. But to what extent do we actually mean these words? To what extent do we actually live a life of no regrets on a daily basis?

Bronnie Ware, a former palliative care nurse identified the top five regrets of the dying in her book by the same name. Throughout it she learnt a lot about regret, reflecting on the vast percentage of humans who get to the end of their lives wistfully wishing they had lived in a different way.

From unresolved issues in relationships and conversations that were never had, to dreams merely half filled and chips on shoulders long kept, Bronnie explores the feelings associated with an existence unfulfilled. Some were able to come to a resolution, but for others, they just didn’t have enough time left to sort it all out.

Life lessons; often they are most powerfully learnt from mistakes we make. In this case, let’s learn from others. Let’s be motivated to live our lives as if it were our last.

Here’s how to live a life of no regrets in 6 simple steps.

1. Love

Just say it, and by all means show it. By expressing your love, your relationships will not only grow, but your personal growth and discovery will flourish too. Amazing things happen when you learn to be truly vulnerable. Open your heart, let go of the fear, and let the good things flow.

2. Dream

Getting caught up in who you think you should be, the person that you perceive that others ‘expect’ you to be and so ignoring the stirring of your dreams and the whispering of your heart is fatal to a life well lived. Follow your dreams, and if you don’t yet know what they are, steadfastly focus on your quest to find them. The things you are passionate about, they are your calling. Explore, use tools to find them, but don’t stop until you do find them.

3. Trust

Your gut, your instincts, and your intuition – it is the guiding force within you that you already have. Listen to it and you will always find your way on your Journey of Me, you will always veer back on to the path meant truly for YOU, and not anyone else, even if occasionally you lose your way.

4. Work

Work hard, but work smart. Professional accomplishment, it’s a fantastic feeling. But this feeling is absolutely achievable while still finding time for other areas of your life. Don’t use your profession as a means to exclude other areas of your health and wellbeing. Consciously set your expectations and what others expect of you. Remember that we need to fulfill all eight areas of our lives to be truly balanced and well.

5. Forgive

We all hurt. It is how we deal with the hurt that matters most. Remain immersed in bitterness and you will simply never move past the pain. Remember that failing to forgive can manifest in physical ways. Harboring negative emotions, anger and hatred creates a chronic state of anxiety, Dr Michael Barry of The Forgiveness Project explains. By choosing to forgive, we can move forward with our lives, feel the weight lift and our well-being flourishes as a result.

6. Be kind

One small act of kindness can make someone’s day. Learn to be subconsciously and innately kind if it doesn’t come easy to you, and be consciously intentional about your acts of kindness too. Your act of kindness will amplify your own life in possibly a greater way than the receiver of your kind deed.

So, start by implementing these tips today, live a life like tomorrow is your last. Let’s live a life of no regrets daily, today and every day.


Author: Sarah Elizabeth John
Sarah wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, sustainable homes, and delicious healthy food.
As a health and wellness writer, editor, recipe developer and photographer, Sarah works with Wellineux, an International wellness collective.
When she’s not creating digital marketing material with the aim of inspiring and empowering both corporates and individuals to discover the very best versions of themselves, you can find her whipping up a delicious gluten and refined sugar free treats, studying nutrition, training for triathlons, and teaching impromptu yoga classes for friends in her backyard. Find more on the Wellineux website or facebook page. 

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