A book. One single book. Many people don’t realize how important having one book can be in the life of a child. But believe me, just one book can mean the world. I know this because I have seen the joyous expressions on children’s faces as they receive a book to keep.

13221014_1614095802165195_9126997130660777423_nMy name is Meagan Warren and I am 13 years old. I am the CEO and Founder of Books For Bedtime, a 501(c)3 public charity founded to help children get the books they need to stay on the right path of life. I am a huge advocate for literacy.



13902720_1638265643081544_3229940100498380699_nIt all started in August 2014 right after my 11th birthday. I was reading a book before bed when it dawned on me that there were children who didn’t have a single book at home to read at night. I realized how lucky I was to have so many books at home. And, I realized that this lack of literacy had to stop. So, I founded Books For Bedtime, my passion. A passion that now, two years later, has helped get over 18,000 books into the hands of children who need them. I am so grateful that my mom is so supportive of my mission.

13312898_1617799438461498_8530615577995760175_nI go to food pantries, homeless shelters, low-income schools and other places to donate books to children all over the State Of Ohio. I speak to the children and encourage them to read by telling them about what books have done for me and what they can do for them. I have had some wonderful experiences through Books For Bedtime.

I love when I receive thank you notes from children who have received books. I really love when other students want to hold a book drive, and have been inspired by my work. My favorite thing ever is when a child comes up to me, shows me the book she chose and gives me a hug.

I hope you help me encourage literacy by following Books For Bedtime on Facebook or Twitter, or checking out our website. With your support, we can change the world, one book at a time! – Meagan ❤

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