The year after my mother died, I ran across a Mother’s Day card. With no mother to send it to, I decided to find a homeless person and give it to them, stamped. I couldn’t find anyone on that drive, so I gave it to the order taker a McDonald’s. She was so excited to be offered this… and was happy to say she had already sent her card off to her Mom. BUT she was thrilled to offer it to someone else in the kitchen.

That was the most meaningful card I never sent. I was smiling for hours at this pass it along gesture. Easter is a week away… you might want to clean out your card collection, slap on stamps… and try it.

Also, a friend had a box of assorted cards and wondered if anyone on FB wanted them. I suggested she take them to the senior center and provide stamps if possible. Cards now cost about $4 each, so this might prompt someone to stay in touch. Handing a pre-stamped card to a homeless person (or at shelter or dining hall) is another idea. Also, those often pressed for funds, transportation, and time are CNAs and nurses at Nursing homes and assisted living. There are fewer and fewer post offices and it is often hard to just get stamps. – Carol 😀

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