So, I got pulled over this morning. I knew it was coming after all my plates expired in October. My addicted daughter had decided that the cash I had to pay the rent was hers so I had to scrape together what I could to pay. (I truly hate that my landlord insists on cash), so I couldn’t renew my registration. read more →

Someone Else's Shoes

We were leaving the E.R. after getting treatment for my son, when we saw a man outside in a wheelchair. It was pretty hard not to notice him as he was distressed and shouting about something we couldn’t understand.

As we approached, I noticed he had a cast on his foot, so I asked him what he’d done to himself. That question unleashed the story of his 44 year life at a pace my boys and I were all finding hard to keep up with. We got the idea that he’d pretty much had a life of constant pain and been given pain medication from the time he was 15 which had continued to increase in potency until he became addicted and now couldn’t live without it. read more →