My daughter, Steph, died in November (26 years, sudden adult death) breaking all our hearts. Her devastated Grandma went to my daughter’s favourite bath product shop to buy (to put in her coffin) a gift for Steph’s upcoming birthday. She explained this to the girl who served her. This lovely young lady then spent a lot of time helping her put some items together and wrapped them all beautifully. When they took them to the till this lovely young woman asked if she could pay for them. Her sweet kindness and generous act of respect shone light into a very dark time. Bless her heart. There is such kindness out there.- Gill

I told Missy today that I needed my nails painted, that the red polish was chipped. She told me as soon as she had the time she would get to it.

It made me think about 10 or 11 years ago a friend of hers was dying from cancer. She was at home and it was near the end. Missy would go over every day after work and stay for about an hour so that her husband could take a break. Her mother was already gone and she had no children, no sisters, no sisters in law… just a few good friends who would come by. Her husband also had Hospice coming daily and a visiting nurse. read more →

My mother was in a rehab/nursing home for about 7 weeks before I brought her home. She died on June 9th.

I recently went back to the rehab centre to thank the nurses and aides for their care. As I was talking to one of the nurses, one of the patients, who they later told me had not talked for about 9 weeks, heard my voice and yelled, where have you been, she scooted her wheelchair towards me and was lifting her little arms up for a hug. I bent down, hugged her and told her my mommy had died. She cried and patted my hand, then went back to her Alzheimers jabbering, but still holding my hand.  read more →