When my husband and I downsized and moved back to MI from PA (after 32 years and raising 6 kids), we got rid of at least 60% of our possessions. read more →

A nice lady paid for our lunch. We were totally blown away. She said we were a beautiful family. So, the next day, I was getting tires put on my van and an older lady from out of state who was traveling alone had a flat tire. We picked up her tab and she was very thankful. Pay it forward ♡♡♡ – Jaimie

I was going into a store at my local shopping center and as I was nearing the door, a young man approx 17-18 years old ran to open it for me for no reason other to be a gentleman. He was just walking by. What a nice boy. Raised right. – Lisa

I’m recovering from major surgery and could not attend my special needs daughter’s high school orientation. My friend made sure my daughter had an aide to attend with her. It was one less worry for me and the kindest thing anyone who done for me. – Cindy

The customers in front of me had several credit cards and debit cards. They were all declined so they decided to suspend their transaction. I offered to pay for their order. I received grateful hugs of surprise from the customers and heartfelt tears from two cashiers. – Cathy

Our minister was given a scholarship to UK for a year. His family was frantically saving every cent they could so they could go with him, so no birthdays or Mother’s Day. read more →

Walking into a shopping centre, I saw an elderly gentleman asleep on a bench. It was a very cold day and I just happened to look down at his nice leather shoes to notice he wasn’t wearing any socks.

I continued on my way thinking about this man when I saw a sign out the front of Target that said 25% off explorer socks. What are the chances of that! I went in and bought 5 pairs so I knew his feet would at least stay warm and toasty for 5 days. read more →

I have felt the LOVE today.

The company I work for has been broken up and sold to 4 different companies and I have been stressed and worried about my job. As a mid-level Corporate Executive, my job is at great risk. I have been looking and have been blessed with one job offer and probably another job offer coming too. read more →

This is a double act of kindness.
My neighbour gave me the washing line out of his backyard because I didn’t have one in mine. He even dug the hole and cemented the washing line into the ground for me.

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I learnt about all the terrific things about being kind and doing nice things for others and so I invited 8 of my closest friends to The Good Deed Gals group. The idea behind the group is that once a month we do a good deed, either as a group or individually.

Some of the things we have done include working in a soup kitchen, picking up litter from the local beach, sending kind notes to people in our lives and buying coffee for others. My favourite has to be making care kits for the homeless. read more →

On Facebook today, a friend was asking if someone could please take pyjamas into the hospital for her, a few replied unable to help and inquired as to her illness.

I was going to visit the town and it would only be a 5-minute drive away, so I arranged a time with her. Immediately one of her friends posted “isn’t that lovely of her” and this made me smile. To me, it’s such a small request but having spent time in hospital myself knew how glad you feel to have a change of nightwear. I called in dropped off the various choices and left. read more →

I gave a lady a ride home to get her extra set of car keys as she’d locked them in her car and waited to take her back to her car. As we talked, we worked out that I know her son. What a great feeling to help. Made my day. – Rena 😀

A coworker put a card in my mailbox after I had a rough week. It made my day. – Lisa 🙂 read more →

I gave away some bedroom furniture to several people needing a dresser or nightstand etc., so I could make room for stuff I have in storage.

One lady picked up a long dresser yesterday and we managed to get it in her van. I commented that since it fit in her van that the smaller dresser that belonged to my mom that I still have to get out of storage would fit in the cargo vans you can rent. She said don’t rent a van, I’ll come back tomorrow and we’ll bring it over here. True to her word, she came tonight and we went to get my mom’s bedroom furniture. read more →

When I go to my son’s school, I take at least 15-20 chocolates with me because his friends aged about 6-7 years wait for their Choco Uncle to give them the chocolates.

I love to see their faces when they munch on it and it gives me great satisfaction and warmth. I love to do this kind deed every day. At the end, I tell them to brush their teeth nicely, and they always promise to do so. read more →

My youngest likes to buy things and give her money to other kids. She recently went to the store and bought her sister a toy she thought she would like, just because. – Melissa 👏

Right before Christmas time I went to the movies with a friend and lost my wallet. I had $400 in cash to get new tires for my car along with my debit card and credit cards. When the theater opened the next day I drove there to get my wallet and everything was still there. It would have been easy for the person that found it to take the money but luckily I got it all back. I was so thankful. – Ashley 😀 read more →