When my friend’s 7- year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, I arranged (only by the grace of God) for her to go to a concert of her favorite singer. She also met the singer and had backstage passes!!! The squeal of excitement from her when her mommy told her what the plans were… oh my gosh, I’ve never felt that feeling before! Soooo many emotions bubbled up inside me. It was such a huge blessing!!! – Marissa

On a busy morning, I was driving my daughter to school. She was running late (making everyone else late). We had just dropped her sister off at school and she convinced me she needed some cocoa to stay warm at school. read more →

Recently, a woman posted on a swap site for our city that a co-worker had been robbed and they stole the children’s tv’s and video game system. read more →

I was at work today and I had the opportunity to help a nice lady and her 20-year-old son find an ethernet cable they needed.  read more →

Two weeks ago my girls worked together on an art project and we talked about how helping each other is kindness. read more →

My son is 8 and this year we’ve committed to encouraging his physical pursuits as he leans more naturally to the arts. We signed him up to a local weekend sports club and at his first session we knew he was going to be one of those kids who enjoyed the events, but was not going to have the drive to win. We love seeing his smiling face and skipping when he runs his longer races and we’re proud of him.

Last weekend his age group had to run two laps of the oval with younger boys and our son was quickly found near the back of the pack, running, skipping & walking with his big smile. Hot on his heels were four of the little kids and he made sure he stayed pace with them.

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In 2007, life was unbelievably happy for me. I was doing a lot of things many people thought I would never do, myself included. In March, I married a man I was deeply in love with and considered my best friend and was pregnant with his child. My mom was on cloud nine because we had both joked that I was a bonafide bachelorette; too fiercely independent to ever settle down. I gave birth to a baby girl in June of that same year. My mom who had worked two jobs for years, first to support her children, then herself in the increasingly bad economy, took time off from both to be at the hospital and then home with me and my eldest daughter. I did not know that in just a couple of months, she would lose her life in the same hospital where my daughter’s began. read more →

Potential to make someone's day easier.
My husband and I were at the hospital yesterday to meet with the anesthesiologist and a post op class for his upcoming surgery. There was a pretty big gap in time between appointments so we decided to have a bite to eat to at a little restaurant while we waited.

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When we give.
Last Christmas eve, my daughter and I were at Walmart buying a Christmas dinner feast for a family we’d heard was in need.

While we were there, we saw a young couple approach a family that looked like they were struggling financially. The couple chatted with the family a little and then gave them a Walmart gift card. read more →

Making yourself feel better is easy..
I went to my local grocery store and there was a man asking for change so he could get breakfast. I searched in my purse to find a dollar to give him, and I knew I had dollars because I had gotten change before going to the store. I searched and searched, but I could not find a $1, so I saw a $5 dollar bill and gave that to him instead. The look on his face was priceless! He was so grateful! I went inside the store to do the little shopping I was going to do and when I got to the cash register, the $1 dollar bills that I was looking for were all there! It seems for some reason I was meant to give him a $5 dollar bill and I was very happy I did throughout the whole day. – Monica 😀

I met a new friend tonight after I paid for her cookie when she did not have enough. Then a guy came in the same shop and was short of change, so she gave over what she had and the shop owner let the next person who was short 6 cents get their soda anyway.

It was fun and we all just kept saying pay it forward. – Kim read more →

Happiest people.
On a little family outing last weekend, we were at the train station and a fellow with special needs was asking people on the platform a question. Most ignored him or brushed him off. He sat next to us, so we chatted to him until we got off the train. He was friendly and harmless and there was no need to treat him otherwise. I was proud to see my son ask the man to sit next to him on the train and see it as no big deal.

On our walk home from the station we met a lady who was a little lost so we gave her directions. read more →