Years ago my sister worked at the Royal Bank of Canada, Puerto Rico bank. A co-worker got hit very badly on his way home. His car was destroyed but he was in worse shape with broken bones and glass cuts all over his face and hands. He was young in his late twenties, just starting out. read more →

This year, I was blessed with a very large tax return. A woman that I’m close with (I consider her family) has lost 3 babies to a rare genetic disorder. Two were more recently in 2014 and 2015. read more →

As the founder of Ripple Kindness Project, I’m keen to be actively involved in caring for my local community, so I’m a member of several committees designed to help improve lives or offer support to people who are struggling financially or emotionally. I’m also part of the “chaplaincy” or student well-being committee at my boy’s primary school (though they are both now in secondary) which has given me great insights into the daily struggles some families face.

Though Ripple has helped some school families at Christmas in the past, this year, I decided to put the word out to the community to widen the ripple and make it a much happier time for as many as possible.

The aim was to support the school Chaplain by providing gifts for his most vulnerable families and also help some friends who work with people experiencing homelessness or are at risk of ending up on the street by providing backpacks filled with essentials and Christmas treats. read more →