My name is Allison Comba, I am 21 years old and I created The Flower Girls Foundation with my little sister Rebecca after realizing what a strong effect Alzheimer’s disease has on individuals and on everyone around them. Our grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for years now and it is absolutely heartbreaking to see. But, what makes our grandmother happy is… music. It was like she was a different person if she would hear Rebecca sing. We thought she no longer knew how to smile until we tried to make her. Entertaining her not only made her smile, it made us feel great too. This made us want to make other people smile too, just like we did with her, which is where “The Flower Girls Foundation” started. read more →

When my friend’s 7- year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, I arranged (only by the grace of God) for her to go to a concert of her favorite singer. She also met the singer and had backstage passes!!! The squeal of excitement from her when her mommy told her what the plans were… oh my gosh, I’ve never felt that feeling before! Soooo many emotions bubbled up inside me. It was such a huge blessing!!! – Marissa

Some weeks ago, our friend was chatting with us and mentioned out of the blue that she loves the tacos from a certain fast food restaurant near her. Almost immediately, I knew I wanted to surprise her with them at some point. I get super impatient when I have to wait to surprise someone, but somehow I managed. read more →

He is the center of our galaxy, I’ll admit that.

Brady had been asking for two days to go carp spearing again. The stars aligned one afternoon and all three of us were free at the same time. Joe and I and 12-year-old Brady loaded up the trusty old Ford pick-up truck. The three of us squished together in the cab ready to play for the afternoon.

Me? I was a spectator, armed with a digital camera for capturing the moment … not the fish. read more →

When we moved here to our first house 10 years ago, there was a young man with obvious physical and mental challenges that lived on our street.

He loved bringing the mail down to each house every afternoon, but he’d just drop it by the garage or front door in the rain each time. You never knew where it would end up or how many important pieces blew away.  read more →

When we asked people what makes their life wonderful and what they were grateful for, this is what they had to say…

I have a wonderful life, I’m surrounded by love and happiness and I live and work in a fabulous place – Beth 😀

I am grateful for a college student who gave me these encouraging words “You are stronger than you think you are.” – Anne  😆  read more →

“For around one in seven women the stresses and emotional changes that accompany their postnatal experiences can be intense and include strong depressive mood swings, anxiety, social withdrawal, irritability and loss of enjoyment in usual activities.”

Black Dog Institute

I had dreams of being a mother since I was a young girl. I was going to tenderly brush my child’s hair, bake cookies with them, take long walks to the park and just be unexplainably joyful with them in my arms.

Reality hit when my first child was born. After a long list of complications and a week in special care we brought him home. I was unable to walk properly after dislocating my hip during labour and I struggled to feed him due to the pain. My dreams of the perfect home coming with my baby were clouded by screaming, pain and exhaustion.

After a diagnosis of postnatal depression I started seeing a specialist who helped me with a range of strategies to move through this stage. I didn’t realise how bad things were until I started seeing the light. My gorgeous baby was making amazing progress and he was growing so quickly. I was so motivated to get support and started researching natural therapies to help me.

These are the main strategies that helped and continue to help me after also having postnatal depression with my second child. read more →

Be different to make a differenceAt Easter in Byron Bay on a bus headed for a blues festival, I saw an elderly driver who had been shuttling thousands back and forth all day.

This man made a point of welcoming each passenger and handed out Easter eggs to all the kids, and when he heard an overseas accent, he also gave them a small koala stuffed toy – this was not the company, but him personally!

The pleasure this man gave to all he met was beautiful. Everyone was smiling and filled with joy. My gift was witnessing the act and seeing the absolute pleasure on the drivers face as he gave a part of himself to each and every person on that bus. What a gorgeous man! – Diane 😀

Hard times.
A policeman pulled us over on the way home from the food pantry. My boyfriend had just lost his job and our plates had expired.

We pulled into the gas station to buy our kids a bottle of water to share and to eat their food pantry sandwiches with. We were hoping the officer didn’t run our plates, but he did, and pulled in front of our car and waited for my boyfriend to come out to give him a ticket.

We were so stressed (about to lose our house, etc.) that my boyfriend burst into tears and said; “oh come on, don’t do this to me right now man” and he explained our ordeal. read more →

I spread positivity where ever I go. I was speaking to one patient last week at a cancer fundraiser in the chemo ward and he asked if I worked at the hospital. I told him I am also having treatment… he said “you look so well and you are so happy”! After talking for a few minutes I asked him if I could give him a hug and the joy on his face after I left him was awesome. I love bringing the smile to people’s faces.