I used to take the old ladies next door grocery shopping sometimes, and sometimes I helped carry their food up the front steps, but sometimes I just wasn’t “up to it” with all my own bags. read more →

The most beautiful thing happened today in my presence so I thought I’d tell you all about it.

I had a dear old little lady (would have roughly been in her 80’s) come into the shop looking for a beanie to keep her head warm. We have a few different types and after trying a few on she really liked a pink one which was priced at $15. I told her she looked very pretty in pink and that I liked the look of it on her and she agreed with me once I showed her in the mirror 😛 , but she was unsure as she said she might not be able to afford it. read more →

I have recently become a volunteer at Ronald McDonald Houses here in Central Florida.

Having three teenagers, it’s become increasingly important to me to expose them to opportunities to give back through various acts of kindness. I have been purposefully doing things independent of them, and because it has now become inherent in me, I felt ready for them to get involved and to witness my actions rather than just preaching the gospel or telling them stories of events focused on being a good doer during my days.

My daughter, 15 years old, and I along with a dear friend and her now adult daughter participated in a “Share a Meal” dinner last night. read more →

I used to work in a nursing home and loved bedtime when I’d go around and tuck the ladies and gentlemen in and kiss them goodnight on the cheek or forehead. I’ll never forget one beautiful lady gasp with a tear in her eye: “Thank you so much my angel! Nobody’s done that since my mother used to do that when I was a little girl! I miss her so much!” Even now twenty years on, it brings tears to my eyes and always reminds me of the happiness the smallest of gestures can bring to someone, no matter how old or young they are. – Theresa

Yesterday I went to my group for ladies who have suffered domestic violence. I gave all my kindness cards out, one to every lady present and offered to get some sent to each of the ladies with no internet service. Handing the cards out brought the conversation around to kindness scattering. Oh my – there are certainly some kindhearted actions done regularly from these ladies, and some of them aren’t having the best time in life and they are still able to show kindness to others. Isn’t that inspiring! – Amanda