I was 39 weeks pregnant and my daughter was stillborn. I was devastated and in shock having gone from eagerly anticipating the birth of my child to trying to cope with her death. read more →

A few years ago, I befriended a guy in his 60’s, who had been incarcerated as a youth for murder. His story is sad and understandable with abusing issues from a young age by many he should have been able to trust to protect him. He had been kept inside beyond the time he should have and should really have been acquitted in his youth. read more →

ADULT Kindness CardThank you for creating your Ripple Kindness Cards, I have seen for myself the ripple effect of positivity that they create. 

The most amazing thing just happened to me! Went shopping for some food and groceries for the next few days, used my card to pay and DECLINED. Asked the guy to hold on for a sec while I jumped onto internet banking to see someone had taken a few hundred dollars out of my account today without my knowledge, bummer! read more →

I worked with a hard working, family man with 2 kids, and I know money was always tight. His family needed a vehicle that was reliable but didn’t really know how they were going to manage it. Another co-worker, obviously aware of his situation, called him into his office one day and said he’d been praying about what to do with his car since he got a new one. He said my friend’s name just came to his heart, so he handed him the keys. My friend came out of the office, in shock, and he didn’t tell anyone about it because he was asked to keep it quiet, but because we are good friends, he confided in me. He was so moved by this, and it’s something that will stay with ME forever. It restored my faith in humanity. – Anon

Sometimes I find my RAK are met with disbelief or judgment, and sometimes outright shock at the thought that someone is going out of their way to help someone.

A few months ago I was in a large retail store, it sell everything under the sun. One side of the building is a food market, the other side is a store where you buy clothes, eletronics, videos… anything you need is probably in that store.  read more →